Selling Process

You Scheduled a listing appointment, Now What?


1. Listing Agent Appointment

One of our friendly, knowledgeable listing agents visits your house for a consultation.  


2. Paperwork Processed

After the listing agent receives your completed homework pack and listing agreement, you will receive your signed listing agreement via email. No email? No problem; we will drop it in the mail for you. 


3. Contact

Now that the initial paperwork is complete, it’s time for the fun part. Our office will call you to schedule photos and discuss when your listing will go active on Our listing coordinator will notify you if any additional information is needed.  


4. Photography

It’s time to place the finishing touch on your HAR listing. Our professional photographer will come to your house to take photos and to install a sign and a supra lock box.


5. Processing

The photo editing process takes 24-48 business hours. Your photographer will upload the photos to the HAR listing before it goes active.  


6. Active Online

Your house is now active on! You will receive an email with a link to your listing. Please review your listing online. If you have any questions or concerns, we are just a phone call away. 


7. Listing Manager

Consider our listing manager your main point of contact until you close your house. Your listing manager will contact you to introduce herself.  

I’m active online, Now what?


1. Showings

Your listing manager will go over your showing feedback with you. You also can login to change your own showing notifications and look up feedback. 


2. Offers

Any offers on the house will be communicated to you through your listing manager. After your listing manager reviews the offer, she will call you to go over the details.


3. Offer Negotiations

Your listing manager will work with you and the buyer’s agent to negotiate a price and terms that are agreed upon. If an agreement is not made, then your house stays active on the market. If an agreement is made, then your house is now in option pending (the option period).


4. Option Pending

Now that you’ve accepted the offer, your buyer will schedule an inspection of the property within a few days. This period allows you, your listing manager and buyer to review and negotiate the repairs. If an agreement isn’t made, your listing manager will assist you with re-activating your listing. If an agreement is reached, you will continue to the pending period.


5. Pending

During your pending phase, your house will have an appraisal done by your buyer’s lender. If your buyer is paying cash, then an appraisal is not mandatory. Towards the end of your pending period, you will schedule a time to close with the title company.


6. Closing

Now, it’s time to close with the title company. This is the final phase of the listing process, and your listing manager will make sure you are prepared. If the title company requests additional information, your listing manager will let you know. If, for any reason, your listing manager cannot attend the closing with you on this day, another member of the Flory Team will be there.  


7. After Closing

The title company may contact you with additional information that is needed.  If you have any questions, we are always here to help.